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Little Attackers 11U Spring Program 2018


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11U - 2nd PAYMENT


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Little Attackers 11U Spring Program 2018

This is for the player who is just getting started with the club volleyball experience.   Teams at this level will play in state only and in single Saturday events.   Athletes will receive training in the basic fundamentals of the game from our qualified coaching staff.  Court time fees, coaching, administrative costs, uniforms, and equipment are included. The cost for the Spring Session (11U) will be $400.00 to include the following: (6 to 8 athletes per team) Practices to begin on March 20th, 2018.

Cost for the 11U kids will be $400 due to the fact that they will play with 6 on the floor now and cost of tournaments is higher based on different age group.  When they play, they will attend (ALL DAY) events, not just a few hours.  This age group moves up to play more as the 12U groups do.  This group will receive 2 Attack t-shirts for tournament dates and 1 practice t-shirt. 

Below is the payment schedule to participate at this level of competition: (Payments can be made on-line or by check on these dates)

March 20, 2018 - Deposit ($150.00)

April 19, 2018 - 1st payment ($150.00)

May 3, 2018 - Final payment ($100.00)

Below is a "tentative" tournament schedule for the 10U Spring program

​3/23- Attack Training session from 6-8:30pm at Chippewa Middle School or Eden Church- Skills, Drills, and Team Bonding
4/15- at Warren- MI Elite
5/5- Attack Hosted Event or Training Date- TBD
5/19- at Wixom- MI Elite
6/2- State tournament- 11U kids would play up for this 1 day State tournament- Hosted by Attack Volleyball Club this year. (They will be playing up a division (12U) for this date and event will be located in Okemos).

For an Attack Hosted Event, the locations will generally be held at Chippewa Middle School or Kinawa School in Okemos. 
Uniform package to include: 2 Jerseys (Attack T-Shirts), and 1 Practice T-Shirt

Practice Information –
Practices will begin the week of March 19th- Practices will be Tuesday/Thursday at Kinawa in Okemos - so first practice would be March 20th- then go for approximately 7 to 8 weeks.

Practice schedule:                         
Tuesday/Thursday- location Kinawa School
 - 1900 KInawa Dr, Okemos, MI

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