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Attack Volleyball Club is committed to helping you through every step of the recruiting process. We invite you to ask any and all questions that you may have, to ensure that you are well aware of all of your options.

Understanding the recruiting process can be a very difficult experience. Below are some links that will help you understand the NCAA & NAIA Recruiting Guidelines

2015 - 2016 NCAA Guide for the College Bound Student - Athlete

NCAA Freshman Standards - Quick Reference Guide

Information on Playing in the NAIA

As you begin the recruiting process, here is a good sequence of steps to complete

1. Identify Potential College
- Are you interested in a Large, Medium, or Small sized school
- What part of the country are you interested in going to school
- Does the school have the area of study that you are interested in pursuing

2. Contacting College Coaches is a very important part of the recruiting process
- If you are reaching out to Division 1 or Division 2 schools - be prepared to reach out to both the Head Coach and Assistant Coach
- Smaller schools often rely on their head coach to handle the recruiting responsibilities
- Be sure to stay organized during the recruiting process - it may be helpful to utilize a spreadsheet to help you

3. You will need to create a player profile. This document is here to help you.

College Recruiting Player Profile

4. Email your potential list of schools
Include a brief description of yourself, and attach your player profile. Include approved video links - links should be evaluated by Club Director before sending

5. Create a highlight and Skills Video
Be sure to put your best foot forward. Catch the coaches attention right away - the first 10 seconds are very important. Include a variety of footage to include your skill set, along with game footage to allow for a thorough evaluation by the coaching staff. Attached is an article to help you make a great skills video.
6. Highlight and Skills Video
Maintain consistent communication with coaches. Keep them updated on upcoming tournaments and previous tournament results.


7. You must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse when looking at NCAA schools.

NCAA Eligibility Center

Athletes Corner / Recruiting Guide

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