Attack Volleyball Club

Not just a club... We're a family!

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Jodi McMillan -  Attack Volleyball Club Director &  National Coach

National Team Coaching Staff

Kevin McMillan - Club Wide Master Coach/National Team Coach/Recruiting Coordinator

Heidi Bumpus - National Team Coach

Matthew Cox - National Team Coach​

Monica Bunnell - National Team Coach

Sarah Rottman - National Assistant Coach

Kay Wheeler - National Assistant Coach

Stephen Fitzpatrick - National Team Coach

Competitive Team Coaching Staff

Ryan Foorman - Competitive Team Coach

Zac Klaver - Competitive Coach

Megan Smith - Competitive Team Coach

​Hannah Whiteman - Competitive Team Coach

Trisha Vandermoere - Competitive Assistant Coach

Karolina Dzedic - Competitive Team Coach

​Emma Francis - Competitive Assistant Coach

Lindsey Barnard - Master Coach/Competitive Team Coach

Brooke Kemler - Master Coach/Competitive Team Coach

Local Team Coaching Staff - 

​Don Peterson - Local Team Coach

Sarah Peterson - Local Team Coach

Jordin Ellens - Local Team Coach

Kirsten Sorenson - Local Team Coach

Haleigh Haddad - Local Team Coach

Danielle Borgman - Local Team Coach

Little Attacker's Program

Barbara Lowes - Head Coach

Dale Wethy - Head Coach