AAU Concussion Policy Form

Michigan Concussion Form

Concussion information for Parents and Players


Register for AAU - Follow the instructions below

To register for AAU, please follow these steps:

 1. visit www.aausports.org 

2. Click Join AAU (Big Red Box) 

3. Click Get A Membership 

4. Click Youth Athlete Membership 

5. Select your sport - Volleyball 

6. Are they a member of a club? - Yes 

7. Zip Code - Please put in your zip code

8. Choose Club - Attack Volleyball Club - WY787E - Must put in club code to be added to tournament rosters!! 

9. Fill in Child's information - Continue to payment (Junior membership - $14.00) 

10. Pay for your membership 

11. You will receive an email confirming your purchase and your AAU membership card will be included. 

12. Print AAU card and return to club coach after verifying that our club code is included on card.

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