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Little Attackers 10U Program 2020

Little Attackers 10U Program 2020

​This is for the player who is getting started with the club volleyball experience. Teams at this level will play in state only and in single Friday evening, Saturday, or Sunday morning events.   Athletes will receive training in the basic fundamentals of the game from our qualified coaching staff.  Court time fees, coaching, administrative costs, uniforms, and equipment are included. The cost for the Winter Session (10U) will be $300.00 to include the following: (6 to 8 athletes per team) Practices to begin in January 2020.

Below is the payment schedule to participate at this level of competition:

(Payments can be made on-line or by check on these dates)
At Time of Placement - Deposit ($100.00)
November 22, 2019 - 1st payment ($100.00)
January 10, 2020 - Final payment ($100.00)

No December payment (Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays)

Below is a "tentative" tournament schedule for the 10U winter program:

More details will follow as we are able to work with other teams to select dates.

 (4) 1-day events - TBD

Attack will be hosting some events for 10U, but there will be some out of town events so be prepared to travel to other locations on either a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, depending on tournament and schedule availability.  We try to keep these kiddos as close to home as possible!

For an Attack Hosted Event, the locations will generally be held at Chippewa Middle School in Okemos or Eden Church- Mason. The start time for a hosted event will be 6pm until approximately 8:30pm.
Uniform package to include: 

1 Jersey (t-shirt)

Practice Information & Schedule:
Practices begin Wednesday January 8th with the last practice of the season on Wednesday March 4, 2020

2 practices per week, except for tournament weeks, which will include 1 practice day and the Friday evening, Saturday or Sunday Morning tournament.

Practice schedule:
Wednesday/Friday- Location will be Eden Church in Mason or Kinawa School in Okemos

MJVBA 10 & Under Rules - USA Volleyball Rules with the following exceptions for 10 & under’s:

Court size shall be 6m x 6m on each side (instead of 9×9).
Rationale: Players in a smaller space will be more likely to have success moving to, and contacting the ball.
Net Height shall be standard women’s height (7’4 1/4 “).
Rationale: The intent is to have the ball clear the net at a higher point than 7′ (used by the 12&under’s) in order to allow the receiving team to have more time to move and play the ball.
Players on court shall be 4 (instead of 6).
Rationale: Fewer players on the court means that every player needs to contact the ball more often. It also is easier for a club to field a 4 player team rather than a 6 player team.
Ball shall be the Volley-Lite or equivalent.
The Libero rule shall NOT be in effect.
Rationale: Young players need to learn to play all aspects of the game before specializing. A good Libero could dominate the game at this level.
All non-deciding games shall be 18 points (starting at 7-7, ending at 25).
All deciding games shall be 11 points (starting at 4-4, ending at 15).
No player may serve more than 5 points in a row. After the 5th point in a row, there will be an automatic side-out (with NO point awarded) and the opponent will resume serving.
Rationale: It isn’t very much fun for either team to stand around and watch one player dominate the game from the service line.